Better Day

Words and Music by Susan Cattaneo

When that blue rain is coming down like crazy
The broken sky couldn’t get more dark
And every breath is tight and aching
Cause thunder’s crashing in your heart

How do you make it through the never ending hours
What’re you gonna do to find a clear way out

Sometimes you’ll cry, sometimes you’ll rage
Wish for a sign and wait
For a Better Day, for a Better Day

You never know how life can change you
The twist and tangle of the thread
But let your family’s love surround you
Lean on the shoulders of your friends

We’ll hold on to you so you can hold on
And you’ll make it through so you just hold on
Be strong

Sometimes you’ll cry
Sometimes you’ll pray
Til you can find your way
To that Better Day. To that Better Day

You carry your hope
Your carry your faith
Your light in the darkness
Your spirit, your strength
And when it gets hard
Now, don’t you give up
Cause we carry your love
We carry your love
We carry your love

Sometimes you’ll cry, sometimes you’ll rage
Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll pray for a Better Day.
Til you find that Better Day.