Gotta Get Gone

Words and Music by Susan Cattaneo and Scarlet Keys

I tiptoed out into the darkness
Suitcase banging on my knee
The neighbor’s dog had started barking
And my heart was beating faster than a hummingbird’s wings
Almost dawn…Gotta Get Gone

I sold your diamond down in Austin
Just enough to get me by
Who needs to keep an empty promise
When the Texas moon dangles like a pearl in the sky
Saying come on…Girl, it’s time to get gone

Gotta get gone like a thunderbolt flying
Gotta get gone like an angel takes wing
Gott get gone like a girl who is finding
The woman she’s been waiting to be
Yeah, I gotta get gone

Out here I don’t hear the game on
Out here, I can’t smell the beer
And I’m not there to put the blame on
Every time your mood is changing gear
Cause it’s my song…And I gotta get gone

Gotta get gone like a scar that is fading
Gotta get gone like a shadow in light
Gott get gone to a life that is waiting
Cause this one never fit me right
Yeah, I gotta get gone

Gotta get gone like a comet is racing
Burning light through a velvet of black
Gotta get gone with the radio blasting
And this time, I ain’t coming back
Yeah, I gotta get gone

Now, I’m ten miles out of El Paso
Gas tank’s sinking down to “E”
Road maps litterin’ the dashboard
As I lay down road between my old life and me

Copyright 2005 Rockin’ Fairy Music (ASCAP) /Little Jay Bird Music (ASCAP)