Handle With Care

Words and Music by Susan Cattaneo

Be kind when you kiss me
Or hold me real close
The gentler the touch
Brings the blush to the rose

Cradle my heart
And I’ll always be there
Hold me. Unfold me
Handle with care

I’ve danced close to love
My heels floating on hope
I’ve dangled from dreams
While despair held the rope

My soul’s been torn
beyond repair
Heal me. Reveal me
Handle with care

Just a little bit of tenderness
is my request when I let you in
Let the world unwind
We’ve got the time to make the night
wash away the past
cause we were meant to last

Moondust finds us
We stand face to face
You lean in to kiss me
A moment of grace
Time holds it’s breath
It’s feels just like a prayer

Save me. I’m waiting
Hold me unfold me
Heal me reveal Me
Handle with care

Copyright Rockin’ Fairy Music (ASCAP)