How A Cowboy Says Goodbye

Words and music by Susan Cattaneo

Why don’t you sing me a love song
As blue as a turquoise sky
Sing to me of deserts and days gone by
‘Til I can see the barnyard with the trees so high
And that young boy swinging a rope to the sky
Sing me a love song

Why don’t you stay for a sweet while
Wrap me in your arms
I can lose my troubles in your canyon heart
Your gentle smile will take me through the velvet dark
Even though I know we’re soon to be apart
Stay for a sweet while

The moon holds the mesas in a silver glow
The stars hold fast the night
But everything must have a letting go
As dark gives way to light

Why don’t you sing me a love song
Then lay your heart to rest
Close your weary eyes
And be gone by morning light
Cause that is how a cowboy says goodbye
He sings to me a leaving lullabye