Words and music by Susan Cattaneo

We both know how the night went down
One sister running and the other one drowned
Your thieving hands sealed our fate
When you held me down in my river grave

And I cried
Why oh why oh why

Twins sisters born by an orange moon
Mamma swore we’d come to no good
Envy grew like a nightshade vine
Til you took what yours and also took what’s mine

And I cried
Why oh why oh why

Death was dancing in my blood
Rage and water filled me up
But my soul just wouldn’t be departed
When you betray your kith and kin
Something wicked grows within
Now my spirit’s gonna finish what you started
What you started

Together we lived, together we’ll die
Can you feel my ghost in the river’s sigh
Come down, come close to the water’s edge
And I’ll drag down you into my river bed
And then you’ll die, just like I died
Crying why, oh why, oh why
Lorelei, Lorelei
Why oh why