Pennies On A Rail

Wprds and music by Susan Cattaneo

Bakersville was barely on the map
Just a main street and Bert’s gas and go
Mom taught high school, said listen to your Dad
But all Dad said was no

Now me and Freddy used to hang by the tracks
Hoping to catch some magic chugging on past
In coal cars the color of rust
We’d reach in our pockets and we’d just
(put those)

Pennies on the rail
We laughed and didn’t care
Two kids with too much time to spend
We’d listen for the humming
The 405 was coming right on time
The whistle blowing as it charged right by
In a flash of sparks and nails
Pennies on the rail
Pennies on the rail

Diving in the quarry, floating in the blue
Dreaming we were gonna change a world or two
Swinging high in the Sycamore trees
Man, it was great to be thirteen

When the sun was golden and the pavement hot
We’d head down to Bert’s for soda pop
Then down to the tracks and the clover
He’d kiss me then pull me in closer
(Like two)


A penny don’t go far these days
It ain’t worth much at all
But between us, honey
All it takes is a cent
To take us back to way back when putting