Queen Of The Dancehall

Words and music by Susan Cattaneo

If you get beyond the lights of Phoenix
Where the desert wind’s touched with sage
There’s a broken down bar where the cowboys gather
And good old country music plays

They come in from the cattle ranches
In clean-pressed shirts and cheap cologne
Drinking down beer, taking their chances
On a Saturday sweetheart, a warm girl to hold

And she’s here every Saturday night
Dancing around under colored lights
The belle of this honkytonk ball
The queen of the Dancehall

She blew in like an August dust storm
Folks say, she left a child behind
On the run from a man with a hard whiskey temper
And a sharp and jealous mind

She’ll dance with whoever is asking
She’s good for a drink and a smile
But don’t lay a hand on her Stetson
Or the scar on her cheek that she got when she left him


She longs to get lost in the slow easy waltz
In the arms of the young men who court her
She longs to forget, a life of regret
And the endless blue eyes of her daughter