Red Light Kiss

Words and Music by Susan Cattaneo and Kristin Cifelli

Love is easy when you’re cruising on a Saturday night
Free Falling’s on the radio, and everything’s alright
You got one hand on the wheel and the other holding mine
Here we are at 14th street and Vine
The traffic’s stopped but we’re not wasting time
Come on baby, quick
Gimme a red light kiss
Right now, Monday’s about a hundred miles away
Soon enough it’s gonna catch up and turn into today
So let’s roll down the windows and dare the stars to stay
Gotta hold on tight til morning comes
Gotta live this life before it’s done
And slow it down to this
A little red light kiss
The world around us takes another spin
But we’ll be standing still
In a kiss
A line of cars behind us, we don’t care
Laughing cause we’ve got nowhere to be
You and me
On a night like this
We just can’t resist
A little red light kiss

Copyright 2006 Susan Kean Cattaneo/Kristin Cifelli