Words and Music by Susan Cattaneo, Scarlet Keys and Joie Scott

Six AM hits me like a freight train
Alarm clock wailing like a demon gone mean
Clinging to the bed I start negotiating
Five more minutes on that last dream

Then I hear the water running
Baby, I come stumbling in
With my head in a haze
Just to watch you Shave

Something about you working up a lather
In nothing more than a smile and a towel
It ain’t the steam that’s fogging up the mirror
It’s safe to say I’m wide awake now

You do it slow and easy
Like you’re trying to please me
It’s so hard to behave
When I watch you Shave

When that five o’clock shadow moves across your chin
I say, hot damn, baby, time to do it again
I’m bubbling like the soap on your beautiful face
Shame to let a moment like this go to waste

Then there’s no resistin’
I got to get to kissin’
What a way to start the day, yeah,
I love to watch you Shave
I love to watch you Shave
Til it all turns gray
I’m gonna watch you Shave

Copyright 2005 Rockin’ Fairy Music (ASCAP), Little Jay Bird Music (ASCAP), Mama Fannie Music (ASCAP)