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Last week Ellis Paul came into the studio to sing a duet on On Again Off Again, it was a great session. We recorded at Mortal Studios, where I have done all the vocals for Brave and Wild, and where I am doing the vocals for Heaven to Heartache. As one of the countries premier folk singers from the past 20 years, Ellis is normally associated with acoustic songs, and his tone at times is almost whispered. But if you listen to him carefully, you will realize that he actually has quite the powerful voice. I first noticed it when I was listening to Annalee, from his last album The Day After Everything Changed. Get to the chorus, and you will hear him really pushing the voice, and it is quite the explosion. So I liked the idea of using him in a context that is a little different from what you are used to hearing him in, and I asked him to sing on this duet. On Again Off Again is a fun and silly song about two lovers bickering. As I expected, he was fabulous.

Ellis Paul with Susan Cattaneo

Susan and Ellis Paul in the studio