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From Thursday May 16 to Sunday May 19 I will be attending the South East Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA 2013) conference in Montreat. I am looking forward to get together with songwriters, booking agents and people who are generally fans of great music. These conferences are a great opportunity to exchange musical ideas and meet wonderful people.  I have heard from people who attended it before that SERFA is a little different from other Folk Alliance conferences, because it is really intimate. As an extra bonus, SERFA 2013 is in a beautiful location, the Montreat Conference Center, right at the foothill of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. And as you can see from the pictures below, it is really and enchanting place.

Montreat Assembly Inn SERFA 2013

The Assembly Inn at Montreat

Montreat Blue RIdge Mountains SERFA 2013

The valley at Montreat

Images used under Creative Common license from Montreat Conference Center (Montreat Conference Center) / CC BY-SA 3.0


As I mentioned, SERFA 2013 is the first time that I attend the South East regional event. After my wonderful experience at NERFA 2012, I know that it will be a great experience. It will be a busy few days. First of all there are the guerilla showcases, which are a great opportunity to share my music.

I will also teach a songwriting workshop , focused primarily on overcoming writer’s block.We will discuss techniques and ideas to look at a song from a different angle when you are stuck. It is an excellent opportunity to bring out songs that you are trying to finish or ideas you are working on and share the with fellow writers.

Finally, the wonderful Tracey Delfino from Trespass Music invited me to sit in on a panel with Louise Baker from the Mountain Spirit Coffee House. We will discuss how independent artists can use email newsletters to market themselves. We will have a few tips and tricks, and share our experience.

For those attending the conference, this is my schedule: stop by and say hi!.

Susan’s SERFA 2013 Schedule

No shows booked at the moment.