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folk_alliance_peanut_butterThe Folk Alliance International 2014 edition will be the first time that I get to attend this event. Over the past two years I have attended some of the regional events. In 2013 I went to SERFA (South East Regional Folk Alliance) in Montreat. In 2012 and 2013, I went to NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance), playing guerrilla showcases and teaching workshops. I get to do all of this again at the International event, where music people from all over the world will converge! These conferences are very special. It is nice to meet other fellow musicians, and the late night jam sessions are always fun.

I am also looking forward to hearing the keynote speakers to this year’s conference: Folk Alliance 2014 keynote speaker Graham NashAl Gore and Graham Nash. As a vocalist, I always loved how tight the harmonies were in CSN, and Graham Nash’s voice was the glue that held those harmonies together. Given that he just released an autobiography, I am wondering how much of his keynote address will be a retrospective of his career and how much it will be a take on the current state of the industry.

One of the best aspect of the Folk Alliance is the Winter Camp, three phenomenal days of music education, covering everything from traditional blue grass instruments to electric guitar styles to songwriting. When I look at the roster of the instructors, I am really honored to be  part of the songwriting program.

And then of course, the showcases. Between the private and the public showcases, there will be plenty of great music. I look forward to hearing some of my friends play, but most importantly, I really look forward to discover new artists!

I have a busy schedule for the conference. Between the 2 songwriting seminars and the 4 privates showcases I will have plenty of opportunities to share my songs. Come and see me if you can!

Folk Alliance International 2014 Schedule

Songwriting Seminars

Thursday 2:30pm: Writer’s Block: the ABCs of overcoming creative paralysis – Empire A
Saturday 4:00pm: The devil’s in the details – Empire A

Private showcases

Wednesday – Midnight – Singer- Songwriter Heaven – room 753
Thursday 2:35AM – Singer-Songwriter Heaven – room 753
Friday 3:30pm – Tikly/Pledge Music Present – room 727
Friday: 2:15am – Sonicbids showcase – room 708