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I am very happy to be playing the New England Americana Festival in Harvard Square Saturday September 27 at 1pm. This wonderful festival was started by local musicians, and is built as a big community event. A lot of the bands playing it are part of the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville roots scene. This is my fourth year playing it, and every year is a little different. In 2012, the Festival was an opportunity for me to try on a slightly different sound, as I put together a special band just for the event, and debuted a few new songs, some of which made it into Haunted Heart. Here is a song that did not make the album, but is still a pretty fun song that finds its way into my sets every once in a while.

Ten Kinds of Trouble

This year, I am keeping the tradition of doing something special for the Festival. Jimmy Ryan, who plays often with me, will be a featured guest, and beside playing on my songs he will sing a few of his!

The rest of the lineup for the day is pretty spectacular. Check out the poster!

New England Americana 2014