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I am tremendously honored to be a 2015 New Folk finalist. On Memorial Day week-end I will travel down to Texas to perform two songs (Abide and How A Cowboy Says Goodbye) at the Kerrville Festival. I am looking forward to the competition and to meeting all the other finalists. Below is the full list and schedule if you are planning to attend.


In order of appearance



Clint Alphin                        Nashville TN

John John Brown               Winter Gardens FL

Mary Bragg                        Nashville TN

Tom Meny                              Buda TX

Susan Cattaneo                Medford MA

Teresa Storch                    Longmont CO

Dan Weber                            Vancouver WA

Cherie Call                          Spanish Fork UT


Becky Warren                    Nashville TN

Amy McCarley                    Huntsville AL

Chase Gassaway              Austin TX

Aubryn                                  Nashville TN

Andrew Delaney               Plano TX

Abby Lappen                        Claverack-Red Mills NY

David Berkeley                  Santa Fe NM

Heather Styka                   Portland ME




Hope Dunbar                         Utica NE

Drew Kennedy                      New Braunfels TX

Kerry Patrick Clark        Whitehouse OH

Mare Wakefield                  Nashville TN

Anna Tivel                             Portland OR

Lisa Nicole Grace               Alberta CAN

Eliot Bronson                       Atlanta GA

Amy Kucharik                       Somerville MA



Wes Collins                            Chapel Hill NC

Andy Roo Forrest                Seattle WA

Emilie Clepper                       Austin TX

Mike P Ryan                             Clifton VA

Brad Cunningham                 Kansas City MO

Angela Easterling             Green SC

Candy Lee                                 Fayetteville AR

Jess Klein                                 Austin TX



Emily White                              Chicago IL

Meg Braun                                New York NY