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The tradition continues! On October 19 my husband Dino is hosting his 5th Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day show at the Lizard Lounge. Tony Savarino and the Savtones return as the house band, and I am thrilled to join an incredibly talented line-up of singers (and good friends).

Ethan Baird and Jake Bush (from Pesky J Nixon), Susan Cattaneo, Julie Dougherty, Amy Fairchild, Ruby Rose Fox, Jim Gambino, Andrea Gillis, Jenee Halstead, Greg Klyma, Mark Lipman, John Powhida

As usual, the show will be all covers. The idea behind the Daniel Pearl Music Days is that music can bring together people of all cultures, credos and races. So this year the theme is variety: here are some of the artists that will be covered: Iggy Pop, Patti Labelle, The Bottle Rockets, Edith Piaf, Van Halen, Patti Labelle and more.