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Getting ready for the Bill Kirchen tour, I am thrilled to have been featured in a full page interview by Jed Gottlieb in the Boston Herald!

Here are some key excerpts:

Technically, Susan Cattaneo is a solo artist. After all, it’s just her name on the cover of new album “The Heart & the Hammer.” But despite the solo billing, the double disc collection from Cattaneo reflects her belief that music is meant to be shared, between artists and fans, singers and musicians, one songwriter and another.
“I wrote the song ‘Work Hard Love Harder’ as a sort of theme song for the album, and I wrote it about how much I love making music and collaborating with great people,” the local singer-songwriter said ahead of record release shows Wednesday at the Iron Horse in Northampton and Thursday at Thunder Road in Somerville. “The music industry can be so hard. Working with people I love and respect is why I keep at it…..


….Both discs begin with versions of “Work Hard Love Harder.” The wild honky-tonk of the Bottle Rockets powers disc one’s version; disc two’s highlights the heavenly harmonies of Cattaneo’s side project Boxcar Lilies featuring Jenny Goodspeed and Stephanie Marshall. “If I was going to make it the album’s theme song, I thought it made sense to have two versions to show off both sides of the album’s personality, of my personality,” she said. “I’m rock and I’m folk.” She is also soul, gospel, country and blues. And there are plenty of choruses and bridges, guitar licks and bass grooves to highlight every side of Cattaneo’s skills on “The Heart & the Hammer.”