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As many of you know, sadly I am ending my run with the Boxcar Lilies.  My last show with them will be on February 2 at the Me & Thee Coffeehouse. It was a difficult decision to make, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Steph and Jenny for the time we spent making music together.  For those of you who had not heard of the news before, below is the note we sent out to the Boxcar Lilies mailing list a while ago.

We are sad to say that Susan will be ending her run as a Lily in early February. And as you’ll read in her note below, she has not come to this decision lightly. We think she’s a bad ass warrior to have juggled all of her commitments while recovering from a very bad fall this year, but let’s face it, even badass warriors need a break.

Susan will play with us for the rest of the year (see above for the list of shows) and perform her final show as a Lily at the me & thee Coffeehouse on February 2, 2018. We have had the best time making music with this insanely gifted singer and songwriter and will miss our time with this fun, funny, and caring woman.

But we’re looking forward to traveling a little less and creating a little more and in 2018 we’ll be doing some shows with our pal Jim Henry who is a fantastic singer and songwriter on top of being one of the best instrumentalists around!

We love you all for the support you’ve given us over the last 9 years and are so grateful for this tight knit community of musicians, venues run by volunteers, fans and super fans and lovely people who have opened their homes and dinner tables and shared good company and conversations with us. We have such wonderful memories and look forward to making more in the future!

A Note From Susan:
Hello All,
It is with an anvil-heavy heart that I write to tell you that early next year, I will be leaving the Boxcar Lilies. It was a really difficult decision for me to make and it was not one that was made lightly.

As most of you know, I took a nasty spill down a flight of stairs in April. Many months of healing later, I am now finally “kind of” back to myself. Steph and Jenny were incredibly generous and kind to me during this period, not only emotionally, but musically. They stepped in and learned my songs so that we could continue to perform together. I was also in the middle of finishing up a solo project that had been in the works for the past year. As I have recovered, the physical demands of trying to maintain what is essentially two full time careers along with my Berklee schedule has been particularly challenging. Given a finite amount of time and energy along with the recent release of my new solo album, I had to make this difficult choice.

I have treasured my time as a member of The Boxcar Lilies, and I will miss making beautiful sound with these two amazing women. And I hope to remain creatively connected to them as we go forward.