Reentry – Back to Berklee After The Bombing

On Monday, I had to return to teach at Berklee, and for the first time ever, I confess I was afraid to go back to work.  After all the craziness of last week, the fact that life seemed to suddenly be part of some episode of NCIS, CSI and Flashpoint all rolled into one, it […]

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Record Store Day – What It Means to an Artist

Record Store Day Official logo

Today is record store day, and it is a wonderful day. The web is full of wistful remembrances of people buying their first album. By now, I have heard for the 319th time the story of my husband walking in front of his favorite record store and seeing Nebraska in the window, and how excited […]

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Thoughts on The Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Runners

A guest post by The Suit I love Boston. I wasn’t born here, but at 19 years and counting, it is the one town where I spent the most time in my life. More than any other town in the world, it is my home. I love the idiosyncrasies of the place. The thick accent […]

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From The Irish Pub

Susan Cattaneo Guitar Guinness

Here is a fun picture from my set at an Irish Pub….

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Summer Resolutions

Most people make resolutions around the New Year, but I tend to make mine in June.  I call them Summer Resolutions. School’s out, the weather’s nice, and summer looms long in front of me. What a perfect time for a fresh start!  My resolutions usually come in three’s starting with… Resolution #1… I will wear […]

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Why I Love Music

Why I Love Music – As Seen Through The Eyes of A 12 Year Old Forgive the proud Mom in me, but I had to share this poem written by my twelve-year old son. This is what he came up with when asked what music meant to him.  And it got me thinking about the power […]

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How Many Songwriters Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

A joke for you: Question: How many songwriters does it take to change a lightbulb? Songwriter: “I’m not changing anything!” I’ve been thinking a lot about this joke…cause it definitely applies to me this month!  Tomorrow, I am signing off on the master tracks for my new EP, Little Big Sky.  The graphics are done, […]

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Valentine’s Day Mix Tape

Hello all you lovers out there.  Tomorrow’s V-Day, and almost 21 years ago, I met the man who turned out to be the love of my life.  Our first date, we met for brunch, and as a romantic gesture, he made me a mix tape of some cool 60’s Italian songs (Think Italian Nancy Sinatra).  […]

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Heaven Looks a Lot Like New Jersey

I am normally super organized, scheduling things in manageable times. Except for last week. Somehow, I ended up with a crazy 3 days before Christmas. Of course there was the normal last minute shopping, prepping for dinner, etc. Then Jon Bon Jovi happened. There was the hoax of his false death, and that picture he […]

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Willie Nelson and Other Stories

November…Whew, I still can’t believe it’s November. If time does indeed fly, I feel like it supersonically jetted from September to this moment…I’ve had a birthday, traveled to Nashville, and recorded my second single (and an EP of five songs which will be released in early 2012!). School has started for the kids and for […]

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