Love Is In The Air (or Maybe It Was Snow)


Valentine Day! Love is in the air! Or maybe it was just snow…. Last week, we finally got a bunch of the white stuff, and I’m grateful for a little winter weather, emphasis on “little”. The last time I called out Mother Nature for giving us a mild winter, her Valentine Day present was dumping […]

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Above The Basement Podcast!


Above The Basement – Boston Music Conversations is a must podcast for any fan of the Boston music scene. In just over a year, co-founders Chuck Clough and Ronnie Hirschberg have shared insightful conversations with a fabulous mix of some of Boston’s best musicians, educators, music promoters, as well as some national acts who are […]

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A Musician’s Love Letter to Livingston Taylor

Livingston Taylor

Dear Liv, In December, I had the great pleasure of opening a show for you at TCAN in Natick. The show was sold out, and I was excited to open for Livingston Taylor in that wonderful room and to enjoy your songs and voice. But little did I know,  I was about to experience something […]

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Texas Kindness The Al Johnson Way

Susan Cattaneo at Wildflower Festival

Last year, I had the chance to perform as a finalist in the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas. I flew down to Texas in May and performed two songs in front of an amazing audience that listened close and clapped loud. I am new to the Texas music community, and over and over again, I […]

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The Unsung Heroes of My Music Community


Here’s to you! This is what happens: I have the best of plans. I’m gonna get out of the house and see some live music. Maybe a friend is doing a show. Or there’s an artist that I’ve been hearing a buzz about around town, and I want to go and check them out….and it […]

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Korby Lenker On Writing Fiction and Songwriting

Korby Lenker Medium Hero

Last spring I was a finalist at the Kerrville New Folk Contest. It was an amazing experience in many ways. Something that makes it really special is how I was welcome in the community of fellow and past finalists and winners. I made many new friends in those two days, and was exposed to extraordinary […]

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Reasons to be cheerful Pt/ 4

Susan Cattaneo Reasons to be cheerful

    In light of all the recent terrible goings on, I think it’s vitally important to remember that all is not lost. There are wonders and kindnesses out in the world…So,taking my cue from Ian Dury, here are my Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 4…What are yours?       For lavender candles and […]

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Conversation on Songwriting With Jed Gottlieb of The Boston Herald

Last week I sat down with Jed Gottlieb for a conversation on songwriting for his Guestlisted blog on the Boston Herald. We talked about co-writing, writing for other artists, where you find inspiration and a few other things. Oh, and Jed, let’s set that co-writing appointment soon!  

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Confessions from a Sore Loser

Susan Cattaneo live photo

Last Saturday, I did not win the New Folk Competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival. 32 of us competed for 6 winning slots, and I was not one of them. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. These days, when a Winner wins something, and the Loser is interviewed, it goes something […]

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Thank you for listening…12 Tonar

In a past Record Store Day, I wrote about what independent record stores mean to artists and about a wonderful store in Italy, Caru’ Dischi. Let’s head back to Europe to discover another gem of a store… Last summer, my family and I went on an amazing vacation in Iceland. It’s a wonderful country full […]

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