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Most people make resolutions around the New Year, but I tend to make mine in June.  I call them Summer Resolutions. School’s out, the weather’s nice, and summer looms long in front of me. What a perfect time for a fresh start!  My resolutions usually come in three’s starting with…

Resolution #1… I will wear a two-piece bathing suit by August.  Sweets, I will scorn you!  Carbs, be gone!  You can’t tempt me! (Picture some sort of  “Rocky”-like montage where I am doing four thousand push ups a day while jogging and drinking a protein shake made of kale.)

Resolution #2… I will lock myself in my room everyday to write, play guitar and/or piano and study harmony.   Here I am, emerging from the darkness, blinking up into the August sun.  I am a musical hermit with rock-hard guitar calluses and a master of modal writing!  PLUS, I’ve written my next three albums AND recorded them all by myself!

Resolution #3… I will enrich my children’s lives with crafty projects. Look at me! I am planting herbs! Canning fruit! Doing colorful decoupage!  (This one sometimes features a nature component that includes me and the kids canoeing and/or hiking and living on the land. It’s like Survivor only fun!)

Only, every summer, life creeps into my plans and messes with ‘em.   By August, after a sedentary June and July, I’m usually wishing the Snuggie was the “must have” in beachwear.  And I meant to cloister myself and devote my life to music.  But that never happened, because I was picking up kids from camp, food shopping, cooking and/or doing laundry.  And while I did some fun stuff with my kids, at 10 and 12, they’d rather be spending quality time with their friends rather than their Mom.

So screw it.  Change of plans.  This year’s going to be different. This year, I’m NOT making any June resolutions….Uh oh…did I just make a resolution not to make any resolutions?   Arggh!  Hope you all have a great June!!