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Last year, I had  a chance to play a concert with Tom Hambridge and Bonnie Hayes at the Red Star Union in Cambridge.  The gig was wonderful, and the venue was wonderful, but one of the greatest things that happened is I got to meet Sal Baglio.  Sal was accompanying Tom on his songs, and he and I hung out in the green room and really hit it off.  I then had the pleasure of having Sal accompany me on some gigs including a Beach Boys tribute concert at Club Passim, where he laid down a mighty groove on  Sail On Sailor.

When Sal plays, you get the feeling that the music rises up from somewhere deep within him.  It’s intrinsic and organic, and a part of his DNA. He’s fun, so talented and a gentle soul wrapped in a big personality.

I knew he was the mastermind behind this hugely popular Boston band called The Stompers, but having been in other parts of the US during the 80’s, I hadn’t heard his music yet.  But then, something great happened.  Sal asked me if I would be a Stompette and sing background vocals for the Stompers.

The Mighty Stompettes at The Royale

And I gotta tell you.  This might be the funnest band in Boston!! I love singing with the other two Stompettes: the amazing Ruby Bird (part of Bird Mancini) and the equally wonderful Erica Rodney Rothenberg.  (The marvelous Amy Fairchild has also joined us).  From the moment we got together, there was just this feeling of fitting together.  There’s something about group singing that’s just amazing! And performing with these two women is effortless and wonderful.

As a lead performer/singer-songwriter myself, it’s so wonderful to just kick back and enjoy someone else’s music for a change.  And what a band!  The Stompers really know how to have a good time on stage.  Their energy is infectious. Sal is a master at working the crowd; building power and intensity, then letting the music explode at just the right time.  And the band members are just as dynamic. It’s a rock and rollercoaster of good music, high energy and above all, FUN!

I cannot wait to sing with The Stompers songs again.  Being a Stompette reminds me why I love what I do – sometimes it’s just for the sheer joy of making music.