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Hell yeah, I can dig it and shovel it and snowblow it! Hello from Minnesota….or Alaska….or maybe Iceland. I don’t know where I live now. It certainly isn’t Boston. I think back to last month’s newsletter where I brazenly called out Mother Nature for not giving us much of a winter. I apologize profusely to her if in any way I hurt her feelings or implied that she was not all-powerful. To say we are submerged, buried, overwhelmed, or drowning in snow would be an understatement…78.9 inches of the white stuff since January 28th. The city has been in a bi-weekly standstill for the past three weeks since the storms seem to be running on Sunday/Thursday schedule. I’ve had gigs cancelled on me, kids’ doctor’s appointments that I didn’t make it to, and I haven’t even MET my poor Monday students at Berklee!!

So what does a songwriter do when she is sequestered in her house for three weeks? Other than cooking, catching up on TV shows (Project Runway marathon, baby!), and of course, playing the guitar a LOT, I’ve been having a blast rewriting the words to some famous songs just for fun. One of my all time favorites is Hank William’s Lovesick Blues, and I’d like to share my version…it’s called Blizzard Blues…

Blizzard Blues

We Northeasterners are known for being hardy and all that, but we’ve all reached our limit. Damn you, ice dam that is making my house look like a stalagtite cave! Enough is enough. Stop it with the snow, already. As my little Hank tune says, think spring! And I’ll try, just as soon as I’m done snowblowing….