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Here’s to you!

This is what happens:
I have the best of plans. I’m gonna get out of the house and see some live music. Maybe a friend is doing a show. Or there’s an artist that I’ve been hearing a buzz about around town, and I want to go and check them out….and it gets to be time when I should be leaving, and suddenly, the couch is looking mighty comfy. Netflix calls. Or that TV show I’ve been recording. Or I get lost in Facebook. Or it’s raining. So I don’t go. Shame on me.

But this post isn’t about me. This post is about my “unsung” heroes. Pun intended, of course.

Yes, this post is for you.

For those people who night after night, make it out to see live music in and around Boston. I am so glad to know you, and I love that you love live music. Thank you.

For those music lovers who are so passionate about the live experience that they’ve turned their houses or basements or any other free space into amazing concert venues. Thank you.

For the lovely people who come out night after night and then write about musicians in the press and/or support musicians on their radio and local tv shows. Thank you.

For those who’ve gone out and created an entire musical communities. Thank you.

These wonderful people are on the scene, filling up the clubs, and filling up our hearts with their kindness and their applause and their very presence.

They show up.

Even when it’s raining. Even when it’s snowing and cold outside. Even when there are about a million other things that they could be doing, including following the siren call of the internet.

Yes, these wonderful people show up. And I’m grateful every time I see you out in the audience. You’re keeping music alive. You’re keeping my faith that what I’m doing means something.

And to all of you, I say, thank you.