Thank you for listening…12 Tonar

In a past Record Store Day, I wrote about what independent record stores mean to artists and about a wonderful store in Italy, Caru’ Dischi. Let’s head back to Europe to discover another gem of a store… Last summer, my family and I went on an amazing vacation in Iceland. It’s a wonderful country full […]

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Can You DIG it? – Blizzard Blues

Blizzard blues - 2015 boston blizzard

Hell yeah, I can dig it and shovel it and snowblow it! Hello from Minnesota….or Alaska….or maybe Iceland. I don’t know where I live now. It certainly isn’t Boston. I think back to last month’s newsletter where I brazenly called out Mother Nature for not giving us much of a winter. I apologize profusely to […]

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Grammy duets that should happen but never will…

I woke up with a Grammy hangover today, my head aching with images and performances that I witnessed last night.  Did I actually see Pharell try and make that ridiculously wonderfully catchy “Happy” into a minor dirge? Did I actually watch the great and all powerful Kanye sing a song while standing on what appeared […]

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Figgy Pudding: Why won’t we leave until we get some?

Figgy pudding

I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately, to the mall, to gigs, to kids activities, and I’ve had my radio on the Christmas channel, so I’ve been soaking in glorious Holiday chestnuts like….well, “The Christmas Song” which actually has chestnuts in it. And one song I’ve heard over and over and over and over […]

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Tasting Tips From A Candy Corn Gourmand

Candy corn closeup

Ah, ‘tis time for those strangely warped triangles of yumminess, those mini-pyramids of high fructose corn syrup! Yes. You guessed it. I’ve got a thing for candy corn. When the weather finally turns the page into fall, I am thrilled when the leaves burst into flaming oranges and reds.  When I start seeing hand-written signs […]

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Robin Williams, Winston Churchill, the Black Dog and the Summertime Blues

Winston Churchill

I started out writing an August newsletter filled with musings on the last lazy days of summer.  How I had noticed that the sun had changed, how it no longer beat down quite as ferociously as it had during the month of July.  How it seemed somehow softer, more diffused as each day passed. But […]

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Greetings from my second homeland

Burano Italy

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Are there places you’ve been where you just feel you belong (or belonged)?  I’m certain that in one of my past lives I lived in Italy. When I graduated from college, I backpacked through Europe, and from the moment I set foot in Italy, it felt like home.  I fell […]

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My First Beatles Memory

Beatles Tribute Marblehead

“All You Need Is Love” So sangeth the gospel according to John, Paul, George and Ringo. I’m not going to go on about The Fab Five.  It’s all been said and done before. The fact that you can listen to a Beatles song recorded in 1963, and it still sounds current is astounding.  And don’t […]

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Just Shoot Me – How I Found My Way To A Great Photographer On Facebook

susan cattaneo the way

I found The Way. It’s in Virginia. On a barely paved road, miles from anywhere.  There’s no cell phone service, but there is a Buddhist temple and a wonderful community of artists.  And I have Facebook to thank for showing me The Way….  And for connecting me to the talented photographer Jyoti Sackett and make-up […]

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Haunted Heart Photo Session

It’s been a year since the Haunted Heart photo session. It was a fabulous experience, and Jyoti Sackett took so many great pictures that it was difficult to pick the ones that ended up making it on the cover. So here are a few of my favorite ones. Of course, I would be remiss if […]

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